Is It Smart To Buy A Used Vehicle Directly From A Seller?

You are always in search for buying a car at the cheapest rate possible. In order to achieve this target, many people resort to buying a car directly from the seller. This private purchase can help you save a lot of money. However, understand the risks involved in buying a used vehicle directly from the seller.

It is riskier to buy a used vehicle from seller than buying it from a car dealer. You will have to miss out or compensate on the legal protection offered by car dealers. It is more difficult to get the car checked thoroughly by yourself as opposed to a professional check.

Even when the dealers buy cars from sellers, they check the insides of the car. Only when they are above certain standards, the dealers themselves buy the car.

Checking the Car

You should be prepared for an extensive research on the car if you are buying a used vehicle from seller. You need to take time out in finding out about the car. Inspect it thoroughly. Get a vehicle history check of the car done. That way you will know if the car has any outstanding finance or insurance claims. Check for any records that could have it reported stolen.

Also, check if there are any accidental cases on the vehicle. Get it checked in order to exactly understand the state of the car if it is a little expensive. The owner may be selling it cause of poor performance or high maintenance costs. Find out how many owners did the car have previously and how long have they owned it. If every owner has sold the car soon after buying it then, there is sure to be something wrong with the car.

Know your Rights

There are several benefits that one is entitled to even when you buy a car from a private seller. These include, the seller must have the power to trade the car and the car should meet the description of the car as you read it to be. Even if you have had a telephonic conversation with the seller, the car should match all the statements used by the seller.

Do not get tricked by dealers who pose as private dealers to avoid any legal obligations. They try to dispose of faulty cars or over-priced cars to you as a private dealer. Know that it is illegal for a car dealer to display himself as a private dealer.

A tip to finding this out is if you phone the dealer, he might ask you “which car?” Beware of these players. Most importantly, the car you buy must be safe and fit to drive.

There is the Road Traffic Act that makes the selling of any car that is not roadworthy illegal. This applies to both car dealers and private sellers. Purchasing a car from an individual seller could be both risky and money saving. So choose wisely and carefully.

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