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How to Use the DLVA Enquiry Service

Whenever you are buying a car, always check if the vehicle is taxed. Check if the selected car has updated tax receipts, else if it is proclaimed SORN with off Road Notification. Always report an untaxed vehicle.

One will require the registration number of the vehicle and the make of the vehicle. In some cases, the data about a car from the owner& Vehicle Licensing Agency (DLVA) can be disclosed lawfully. Based on the correct info required create an application to the DLVA. You can request for this service via written media, online or telephone.

Online Enquiries

Check for information about a vehicle that the DLVA holds using the online service for vehicle enquiry about details. They provide information such as the manufacturing year, registration date, color, expiry date, and engine capacity, expiry date of existing license,vehicle excise duty amount and SORN declaration.

Get to the DLVA’s vehicle online service and click on the ‘Vehicle enquiry’ tab. Open it as a new window and enter the details of the car and get the information from DLVA enquiry service. However, no personal details are released.

Telephonic Enquiry


The DLVA enquiry service operates on two premium services with telephone access points. They provide information about the vehicle. These requests are payable at the regular 49 pence rate per minute.

These lines are operated between Monday and Friday from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm. On Saturday, it is operated from 8.00 am to 2.00 pm. The telephone number for a service of vehicle check is 18001 0300 123 1279/ 0300 790 6802. In this place, one can get the features of the vehicle’s first date of registration, engine capacity, the manufacturing year, color details and CO2 emissions . These lines are to check the due date of vehicle tax or date of liability. On these lines, you can get the information about the date of expiry of the SORN declaration. You can also fax them on 0300 123 0798.

Written Application

You can also write to the DLVA enquiry service. Any requests for the personal information of the vehicle’s current or previous keeper have to be given in writing. You can also get past information about a vehicle owned by you now.

If you have a reasonable cause for making this request only then the personal details like the title and location of the registered owner will be disclosed to you. They will also consider how you are going to use this information and if they feel that, your enquiry is not genuine then they can reject your application. Even unfinished application forms will be rejected by DLVA. Some authentic reasons could be if you find abandoned vehicles, hit and run accidents, drive-offs, suspected fraud, etc.

There is also a small fee associated with getting vehicle keeper information, which can be around £2.50. This fee is applicable to cover the cost of providing you this information.

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