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Choosing The Perfect Car Infographic

There are so many different car options out there. The car buying process can definitely be an enjoyable adventure if you follow our guidelines below. With so many choices, the right car for you has to be out there, but how do you find it?

Here are some great tips for narrowing down your choices and choosing the perfect car for you. If you head straight to the car lot, you’ll quickly see all of the new and used cars available.

To help make your car shopping experiences easier, do some research first. Write down what you’ll use your car for, and the different features that will make your life easier. This includes narrowing down your choices between trucks, SUVs, hatchbacks, and sedans. In addition to knowing what you need in a car, you’ll also want to know what you can afford and whether you want to lease or buy.

Use all of this information to find a few different vehicles that fit your needs. Schedule a test drive for each of these vehicles to get a feel for what each vehicle can offer you. Finding the right car takes some time, but can be a lot of fun.

The following infographic gives you more in-depth knowledge on what you need to choose the perfect vehicle…

Choosing the Perfect Car For You

Insider Advice: Choosing a Used Car

One of the fastest, cheapest and simplest ways of owning a car is buying a used car. Get your ideal car for a much cheaper rate. Here are a few tips on achieving your dream car.


First, you have to decide a budget. Before selecting a car, you have to think about a realistic budget. How much can you afford to spend? If you already own a car, find out the true worth of the car and whether one is going to exchange it to a dealer or to a private customer. You can also exchange your car with a dealer and pay the difference. You may require taking up a loan for buying a car. Calculate the insurance and road tax costs you are likely to face.

Choosing a Car


There are several varieties of cars in the market. Choosing a used car perfect for you can be a challenging decision. You have to consider mainly what you are looking for from a car. Spend some time thinking about what the car will be used for. How many passengers are going to travel regularly in the car? In addition, what is going to be the estimated cost of fuel, insurance, tax, servicing and repair.

Seller details

When you first contact the seller, you will get a lot of valuable information about the car. However, it is essential that you ask the right question especially when choosing a used car. Get detailed information about the past of the car and its condition. Try to pay a private visit to the seller’s house if it is a private seller you are purchasing from. This will also allow you to negotiate for a car price. Match the costs of the same model of cars in the areas nearby and get its worth. If you happen to find that car expensive then do not give in to the seller’s price. Recognize that there are various choices in the market. View the car in the day and preferably when it is dry to make it easier to spot any damage on the car.


car history HPI check is of utmost importance here. Check if the car has any outstanding finance or if it is reported stolen or written-off. Thoroughly examine the car’s documents and MOT certificates. The MOT certificate will prevent you from being a victim of clocking. Check if there is any rust, mismatched paint or uneven gaps between body panels. Get the vehicle on a test drive and see that the entire car features work. Test-driving will give you a chance to analyze every aspect of the car. You will be able to decide better with the car on the road. The gears, suspension, steering and brakes will reveal any faults when driven and should work without any unusual noises and vibrations.

Check all the paperwork thoroughly as it is going to provide you an insight of its previous ownership and essential history of the car. Choosing a used car can be difficult but with the necessary steps taken, you will be able to own an amazing car for what it is worth.