Choosing The Perfect Car Infographic

There are so many different car options out there. The car buying process can definitely be an enjoyable adventure if you follow our guidelines below. With so many choices, the right car for you has to be out there, but how do you find it?

Here are some great tips for narrowing down your choices and choosing the perfect car for you. If you head straight to the car lot, you’ll quickly see all of the new and used cars available.

To help make your car shopping experiences easier, do some research first. Write down what you’ll use your car for, and the different features that will make your life easier. This includes narrowing down your choices between trucks, SUVs, hatchbacks, and sedans. In addition to knowing what you need in a car, you’ll also want to know what you can afford and whether you want to lease or buy.

Use all of this information to find a few different vehicles that fit your needs. Schedule a test drive for each of these vehicles to get a feel for what each vehicle can offer you. Finding the right car takes some time, but can be a lot of fun.

The following infographic gives you more in-depth knowledge on what you need to choose the perfect vehicle…

Choosing the Perfect Car For You

Tips for Insiders Best-Used Car

Everyone wants to own a car. However, what about people who cannot afford a new car? With expenses and bills soaring year after year, your dream of purchasing a new car is only fading away. When you do not have the money to buy a new luxurious car, here is an opportunity to own the car of your choice at a cheap price.

Buying a used car can be extremely cost effective while also giving you a chance of owning a car. However, getting a used car can be risky so take your time and decide which car you want, from where you can buy it. Do not rush into any tempting offers. Here are some used car tips when you want to buy a used car.

Why Used Car?

Insiders Best-Used Car

Buying a second-hand car will cut your costs extensively. A new car loses around 40 percent of its value in the first year. A family size new car would cost you anything starting from £15,000 pounds. You can save almost up to £6000 if you buy the same car when it becomes second-hand. Check for a used car of your choice, which is around a year old in excellent condition with less mileage on the clock and you can save a lot of money. Therefore, buying a car close to new will be extremely beneficial to you.

Key Tips When Buying a Used Car

Go to the main dealer to purchase a second-hand car. A main dealer will offer comparatively cheaper rate of your favorite car than retailer stores. Main dealers do not always rip you off. A retailer store buys these cars from the main dealers, keeps a mark-up, and sells it to you. So save that money and check for main dealers in your proximity.

One important used car tips is to always check the full-service history when buying such a car. The Mot and service should cost you a lot less than the loan you would have paid on a new car. The engine of your car should be in good condition.

If the engine has had less stress on it, then it will run longer and better in the years to come. This also helps maintain better fuel economy. It would also be beneficial by getting the car checked by a professional who you can trust. A shining car will not always be in good shape internally. It is worth paying that extra money if you do not understand the interiors of the car.

Clocking and Car Cloning

When buying a used car, you can face the issue of clocking. This is an illegal practice wherein dealers or retailers wind back the odometer of a car. To enhance the value of the car, they reduce the mileage run by a car and sell it at a higher value.

Sometimes a car of a similar make and model of another car is given its identity by replacing the number plates of the almost similar vehicle. Budgeting carefully is very important. Before you sign the deal, be sure to get the insurance quotes and car tax rates checked. Do not forget to get the best price after comparing deals. This is the most important among used car tips.

Insiders’ Best-Used Car Tips

Many people buy used cars because they are relatively cheaper than new ones, but at times, cheap can be expensive if you do not know how to shop wisely.

It is always advisable to consider some important used car tips that can guide you through the process of searching for a suitable, secondhand car. This makes it easier for you to avoid buying those cars that will only add more financial problems, rather than provide a convenient means of transport for your specific needs.

used car tipsYou need to bear in mind that there is a possibility of finding stolen cars on the market, but you will not fall into the trap of those situations if you know what to do.

You need to ask the seller for the car’s registration number, model, tax details, and most importantly, the MOT test number. You can also visit the DVLA’s official website to confirm if the details provided by the owner are correct before meeting with them.

When you are satisfied with the results of the first step, you need to visit the seller and see the vehicle for further assessment. Do not forget to ask for the V5C registration certificate and ensure that it has a DVL watermark.

In case you see anything suspicious regarding the watermark, V5C registration certificate, serial number, or anything else, do not hesitate to confirm with the DVLA’s website. The engine and vehicle identification number should also match the details provided in the log book.

After confirming the legitimacy of the used car, you can now negotiate the price and take it for a road test. During the driving test, you should pay close attention to the sounds produced by the engine and other internal parts of the car to predict their condition.

An HPI car check will also be important to find out if the vehicle has been stolen, clocked, or written off. When you are finally convinced that it is the car you want to buy, you are free to make the purchase and enjoy your new vehicle.

What Should Be In A Used Car Contract

As time is passing, different options are coming for the consumers. So far the different purchases of the second-hand cars are concerned, more and more buyers are coming forward.

Now that different companies with their highly advanced service options are coming forward, the used cars are also gaining a great range of clientele.

In fact a lot of buyers, who used to choose the first handcars before, are now choosing the second-hand cars. Among the different used cars, they are finding their favored ones and making the purchase likewise. At the same time, there are different sites that are also offering to choose different used cars from their lists. However, choosing the used cars is a very serious matter.

It happens that is various occasions, these used cars start malfunctioning. This is the reason that the used cars that are available now have the contract options. Used car contract is a must for all the used cars.

At the time of purchase, these are different matters related to the contract papers that are to be observed closely. The terms and conditions that will be in the contract papers will determine what kind of service or help the buyers will get in the future.

At the same time, the contract papers have to be signed by both the parties. While writing the used car contract paper, the below-mentioned points are a must to be put on.


  • Firstly the car should have fully operational machines, including the ones that are repaired or refurbished.
  • The contract paper will have the complete description of the car. This is very important as after the car is sold if there is any breach of contract then the buyer can claim reimbursement with the use of these specifications.
  • Required legal papers of the used car are very important as well. Without the legal vehicle papers, it is not proper to buy the vehicles. These legal papers are very important at the time of proper checking as well as at the time of updating the cars. This is the reason that the users of the used cars always have to be very careful about the car papers.
  • At the same time, the previous used of the car has to mention the duration in which he has used the car. Detailed information regarding the model number, as well as the place of purchase, has to be mentioned.

Incorporating these information is a must so far the contract is concerned. Gone are the days when this used car contract were not made, and the second-hand users used to travel in them without a bit of concern. The new, used cars are very important to be legally proper.

For that, the contract has to be foolproof. It is not to be forgotten that along with the first handcars all the original documents are provided. Therefore, it is important that the second-hand users also get them in the correct way to ensure that the used car contract is very important.

How to Use the DLVA Enquiry Service

Whenever you are buying a car, always check if the vehicle is taxed. Check if the selected car has updated tax receipts, else if it is proclaimed SORN with off Road Notification. Always report an untaxed vehicle.

One will require the registration number of the vehicle and the make of the vehicle. In some cases, the data about a car from the owner& Vehicle Licensing Agency (DLVA) can be disclosed lawfully. Based on the correct info required create an application to the DLVA. You can request for this service via written media, online or telephone.

Online Enquiries

Check for information about a vehicle that the DLVA holds using the online service for vehicle enquiry about details. They provide information such as the manufacturing year, registration date, color, expiry date, and engine capacity, expiry date of existing license,vehicle excise duty amount and SORN declaration.

Get to the DLVA’s vehicle online service and click on the ‘Vehicle enquiry’ tab. Open it as a new window and enter the details of the car and get the information from DLVA enquiry service. However, no personal details are released.

Telephonic Enquiry


The DLVA enquiry service operates on two premium services with telephone access points. They provide information about the vehicle. These requests are payable at the regular 49 pence rate per minute.

These lines are operated between Monday and Friday from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm. On Saturday, it is operated from 8.00 am to 2.00 pm. The telephone number for a service of vehicle check is 18001 0300 123 1279/ 0300 790 6802. In this place, one can get the features of the vehicle’s first date of registration, engine capacity, the manufacturing year, color details and CO2 emissions . These lines are to check the due date of vehicle tax or date of liability. On these lines, you can get the information about the date of expiry of the SORN declaration. You can also fax them on 0300 123 0798.

Written Application

You can also write to the DLVA enquiry service. Any requests for the personal information of the vehicle’s current or previous keeper have to be given in writing. You can also get past information about a vehicle owned by you now.

If you have a reasonable cause for making this request only then the personal details like the title and location of the registered owner will be disclosed to you. They will also consider how you are going to use this information and if they feel that, your enquiry is not genuine then they can reject your application. Even unfinished application forms will be rejected by DLVA. Some authentic reasons could be if you find abandoned vehicles, hit and run accidents, drive-offs, suspected fraud, etc.

There is also a small fee associated with getting vehicle keeper information, which can be around £2.50. This fee is applicable to cover the cost of providing you this information.

You can find your ideal used car from top dealers and private sellers. Avail special discounts offered by many websites.

Is It Smart To Buy A Used Vehicle Directly From A Seller?

You are always in search for buying a car at the cheapest rate possible. In order to achieve this target, many people resort to buying a car directly from the seller. This private purchase can help you save a lot of money. However, understand the risks involved in buying a used vehicle directly from the seller.

It is riskier to buy a used vehicle from seller than buying it from a car dealer. You will have to miss out or compensate on the legal protection offered by car dealers. It is more difficult to get the car checked thoroughly by yourself as opposed to a professional check.

Even when the dealers buy cars from sellers, they check the insides of the car. Only when they are above certain standards, the dealers themselves buy the car.

Checking the Car

You should be prepared for an extensive research on the car if you are buying a used vehicle from seller. You need to take time out in finding out about the car. Inspect it thoroughly. Get a vehicle history check of the car done. That way you will know if the car has any outstanding finance or insurance claims. Check for any records that could have it reported stolen.

Also, check if there are any accidental cases on the vehicle. Get it checked in order to exactly understand the state of the car if it is a little expensive. The owner may be selling it cause of poor performance or high maintenance costs. Find out how many owners did the car have previously and how long have they owned it. If every owner has sold the car soon after buying it then, there is sure to be something wrong with the car.

Know your Rights

There are several benefits that one is entitled to even when you buy a car from a private seller. These include, the seller must have the power to trade the car and the car should meet the description of the car as you read it to be. Even if you have had a telephonic conversation with the seller, the car should match all the statements used by the seller.

Do not get tricked by dealers who pose as private dealers to avoid any legal obligations. They try to dispose of faulty cars or over-priced cars to you as a private dealer. Know that it is illegal for a car dealer to display himself as a private dealer.

A tip to finding this out is if you phone the dealer, he might ask you “which car?” Beware of these players. Most importantly, the car you buy must be safe and fit to drive.

There is the Road Traffic Act that makes the selling of any car that is not roadworthy illegal. This applies to both car dealers and private sellers. Purchasing a car from an individual seller could be both risky and money saving. So choose wisely and carefully.

Insider Advice: Choosing a Used Car

One of the fastest, cheapest and simplest ways of owning a car is buying a used car. Get your ideal car for a much cheaper rate. Here are a few tips on achieving your dream car.


First, you have to decide a budget. Before selecting a car, you have to think about a realistic budget. How much can you afford to spend? If you already own a car, find out the true worth of the car and whether one is going to exchange it to a dealer or to a private customer. You can also exchange your car with a dealer and pay the difference. You may require taking up a loan for buying a car. Calculate the insurance and road tax costs you are likely to face.

Choosing a Car


There are several varieties of cars in the market. Choosing a used car perfect for you can be a challenging decision. You have to consider mainly what you are looking for from a car. Spend some time thinking about what the car will be used for. How many passengers are going to travel regularly in the car? In addition, what is going to be the estimated cost of fuel, insurance, tax, servicing and repair.

Seller details

When you first contact the seller, you will get a lot of valuable information about the car. However, it is essential that you ask the right question especially when choosing a used car. Get detailed information about the past of the car and its condition. Try to pay a private visit to the seller’s house if it is a private seller you are purchasing from. This will also allow you to negotiate for a car price. Match the costs of the same model of cars in the areas nearby and get its worth. If you happen to find that car expensive then do not give in to the seller’s price. Recognize that there are various choices in the market. View the car in the day and preferably when it is dry to make it easier to spot any damage on the car.


car history HPI check is of utmost importance here. Check if the car has any outstanding finance or if it is reported stolen or written-off. Thoroughly examine the car’s documents and MOT certificates. The MOT certificate will prevent you from being a victim of clocking. Check if there is any rust, mismatched paint or uneven gaps between body panels. Get the vehicle on a test drive and see that the entire car features work. Test-driving will give you a chance to analyze every aspect of the car. You will be able to decide better with the car on the road. The gears, suspension, steering and brakes will reveal any faults when driven and should work without any unusual noises and vibrations.

Check all the paperwork thoroughly as it is going to provide you an insight of its previous ownership and essential history of the car. Choosing a used car can be difficult but with the necessary steps taken, you will be able to own an amazing car for what it is worth.